Welcome, Adventurer!

Puzzle your way through exciting adventures and learn all about the majestic places this earth has to offer. From the dense forests of the Amazon, the deep depths of the Great Barrier Reef to the lively plains of the Serengeti - you can visit them all! Join a local guide and see what wildlife can be found and what challenges the region faces.


Game Features

Brain Puzzles

Play challenging brain puzzles, beat the clock and get the perfect score!

Educational Stories

For every puzzle you complete, you get another part of the adventure’s story - with a hand drawn cartoon!

Discover Wild Animals

Every once in a while when playing an adventure you run into a wild animal! Learn all about them in your journal.

Local Guides

For every adventure you are joined by a character from the regio, educating you and cheering you on!


Hola, Jabuti!

Join Jabuti on an adventure to discover magnificent animals and learn about the Amazon rainforest, and the challenges it faces. Let's go!

Some of the amazing animals you’ll unlock
Black Jaguar Black Jaguar
Blue Morpho Blue Morpho
Poison Dart Frog Poison Dart Frog

Great Barrier Reef

G'day, Chloe!

Take a dive with Chloe to explore the beautiful coral. Learn about the animals that inhabit the reef and how you can help protect it. Let's go!

Some of the amazing animals you’ll unlock
Octopus Octopus
Clown Fish Clown Fish
Salt Water Crocodile Salt Water Crocodile
Great Barrier Reef


Jambo, Kanoni!

Join Jabuti on an adventure to discover magnificent animals and learn about the Amazon rainforest, and the challenges it faces. Let's go!

Some of the amazing animals you’ll unlock
Lion Lion
Warthog Warthog
African Elephant African Elephant


Hi Nanuq!

Join Nanuq on an quest to explore the ice world of the Arctic. Learn about the animals that live here and how you can help protect it.

Some of the amazing animals you’ll unlock
Arctic Wolf Arctic Wolf
Walrus Walrus
Polar Bear Polar Bear



Do you need help or are you looking for more information about our game? Check our FAQ and get an easy answer on the most commonly asked questions. Is your question not listed? Do not hestitate to contact us!

How to complete puzzles?

Some tips on how to play the game.

Every level features animals at the top of the screen. Make sure that those animals remain visible, after placing the puzzle pieces on the board. All other animals should be hidden.

The board features 4 areas with animals. At the bottom of the screen you find 4 puzzle pieces. Drag and drop the 4 puzzle pieces onto the 4 board areas to cover the animals that you want to hide.

You can tap a puzzle piece to rotate it 90 degrees. You can also drag a puzzle piece to another area of the board or drop them on another puzzle piece to swap the two pieces.

More adventures?

We have 4 adventures in the game.

Perfect Earth: Adventures comes with the Amazon Adventure included. Additional adventures can be purchased. We offer a Great Barrier Reef Adventure, a Serengeti Adventure and an Arctic Adventure.

Each adventure comes with a new theme, main character, game board, puzzle pieces, 48 unique levels, 16 unique animals and a complete adventure story of 48 pages.


We partner with NGO's and media.

Some of the adventures in Perfect Earth: Adventures are created in collaboration with partners. These partners are featured on the story books in the app.

Partners help us guarantee that the information in our game is factual and up-to-date.

Part of the revenue that we earn through sales of the respective adventure is donated to the partner NGO. So with the purchase of an adventure, you get a great expansion to the game and at the same time you help create actual impact.

What about safety and privacy?

We understand the concern of parents regarding games for their children. We are proud to say that we have developed an extremely family friendly app!

Perfect Earth Adventures is 100% free of advertising. We do not believe children should be exposed to advertising.

We do not require players to share any personal information. The game does not connect to social media and players are not able to chat or connect in the game. And yet it is still fun, how about that!

Finally, we have added a parental gate, blocking children from accessing our store.


Let's create
a Perfect Earth together!

We are interested in partnering with select media and NGO’s, to bring our adventures to a global audience. Partners can adopt an adventure, having us position the partner's logo in relevant places throughout the adventure. We do all the work. What we ask in return is visibility in the partner’s own media.

Adventures are sold separately, allowing us to donate a percentage of the net proceeds of a specific adventure to the partner. We welcome a conversation with you on the specifics.

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